Zuriel Merek is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and educator who specializes in passionate electric violin performances that draw from eclectic influences, utilize modern technology, and incorporate “outside the box” musical innovation. His mission is to create beautiful, immersive music that enriches and inspires you.

Zuriel started learning how to play the violin in 4th and 5th grade public school orchestra class and began taking private lessons at age eleven. Growing up, he was definitely not the type of kid that dreamed of pursuing a performance career. A shy and studious child, he envisioned himself changing the world as an attorney, architect, historian, veterinarian, lawmaker, or a dozen other “safer” career choices. Nevertheless, Zuriel did always have the urge to be original—to resist the constraints of rote classical training. By high school, he was the guy who, to combat boredom in orchestra class, taught himself viola and played impromptu harmonies and other instruments’ parts when the conductor wasn’t looking. Zuriel remembers being inspired by his singer/songwriter sister Charissa to try his hand at improvisation and popular music. When he earnestly asked her if he could play music with her rock band, she replied, “Yes, Zuri, when you can make the violin sing.” Thus began a quest to find his own authentic musical “voice.”

In college Zuriel bought his first electric fiddle, spent some time discerning which electric guitar effects work well with violin (some of them sound horrible!), and joined his first band, an indie pop-rock outfit called Made Fresh Daily. He spent the next few years developing his improvisational abilities and before long was playing musical genres as diverse as classical, jazz, house, country, Celtic, folk, rock, and metal with dozens of outstanding bands and artists in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. After taking on the lead instrumentalist role in a few regionally established bands and experiencing the hardscrabble life of a touring musician, Zuriel decided it was time to branch out as a solo artist and composer.

Since 2010, Zuriel has developed an innovative electric violin looping performance act of original compositions and freshly reimagined pop tunes. He has also composed, produced, engineered, and played all the instruments (violins, keyboards, guitars, programming, etc.) on his debut solo instrumental album, The Tao Less Traveled, an original blend of alternative rock, ambient classical, and emotive cinematic soundscapes, due to be released in summer, 2016. Currently Zuriel is promoting the new record and continues to perform, record, and tour as a solo artist and with other exceptional local acts.